SBPD D.R.A.G.G. Team – Is coming to Rods and Roses

2DRAGG (Drag Racing Against Gangs and Graffiti) is a collaboration with the Santa Barbara Unified School District, the Santa Barbara Police Department and the community to provide youth a unique learning experience and an introduction to a potential career path in the automotive industry. Students are taught by credentialed instructors and earn school credit for participation.

We are excited to announce the DRAGG car will be one of our featured vehicles in the 2018 Rods and Roses Car Show!

The DRAGG program arranges for guest speakers and class field trips to auto industry manufacturers, auto museums, and local fleet service shops. Young people will also have the opportunity to participate in various weekend community activities, car shows and raceway events.

4DRAGG after school program is a nonprofit youth-oriented automotive-based education program that is funded entirely through the donations from the community and volunteers. The program encourages youth to stay in high school and work toward graduation by providing incentives in the automotive industry.

The DRAGG vehicles are made possible by continued generous sponsorships and donations of numerous local businesses and individuals. Santa Barbara DRAGG program is an affiliate of DRAGG Inc. To learn more, visit

Harry’s 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Harry Sutter’s car has been in storage since 1968 and underwent a ground up restoration in 2017.

It has the following options:  Hardtop, Convertible Top, Power Steering, 4-Way Power Steering, Telescopic Steering, AM Tube Radio, Tonneau Cover, Seat Belts, True Wire Wheels, Wide White Wall Tires, Ford-o-Matic Automastic Transmission, Engine Dress-up Kit, Original CA Black & Gold License Plates.

Only 16,155 produced and the first year of the Ford Thunderbird. Special color: Aqua Blue/Green exterior with matching interior.

Be sure to look for Harry and his 55′ Thunderbird at the Rods and Roses car show July 1st!

From the Cow Pasture to the Road

BIG thank you to Clyde Freeman for sending in the remarkable story of his 1930 Plymouth. Clyde is a long time supporter of the show. Be sure to find Clyde on Linden Avenue this year for the 20th annual Rods and Roses on July 1st 10am-3pm. Thanks Clyde!

First acquired in August 1966 from a cow pasture, this 1930 Plymouth was in pretty bad shape.  It was over 30 years later before it was “road ready.”

The first real time it was used was for my son’s wedding in 2003.  Next came Rods and Roses in 2010, the first time in a car show.

Since then, many people have seen it driving around Carp for a “Sunday afternoon drive”, at Fosters Freeze for First Friday, the Installation Dinner when Mike Dawson became President for the Carp Lions Club, as a Carp Beautiful entry for both Fourth of July Parades and Christmas Parades.

While on the road many times and for many enjoyable “rides”, there was always something missing – the Trunk!   The original was beyond being saved.  Thus it took several years to finally find one – outside of Fresno, Calif.

Today, there is a Trunk with the spare tire mounted on the rear.  Fortunately, the spare tire mount and the mounting bracket for the Trunk had been saved and in good condition.   Yes, all the other times it was driven, there wasn’t a spare tire until 2015.

This 1930 Plymouth is finally complete.  Can you say “a labor of Love?”

55 Chevy

Rods and Roses is proud to announce the first blog post of the 2017 Rods and Roses Car Show. It is an honor and privilege to have Ray Seider participate with his beautiful cars each year. This year is no different as we have named Ray and his 55′ Chevy our featured car!

In June 1960, just after graduation from high school, I purchased a blue and white 55 Chevy with a v8 and Manuel shift. I had to sell it the following April as I entered the Army Reserve program. After 6 months I attempted to buy it back but…no dice.

Over the years I’ve owned two other 55 Chevy’s but never had the same feeling until I found this one in Solvang.  Rods and Roses first enters the picture in 2012 as this is where I was told about the car. I drove over the hill to where I found what I had been looking for all these years.  The car has had a body off restoration including a 350 engine, 4 speed, power steering and disc brakes, all new paint and upholstery. I replaced the 4 speed with a 5 speed Tremec transmission and wheels and tires from Colons Garage. Once again Rods & Roses enters the picture. I was approached at the 2014 show with an offer for the car that I just couldn’t say no to. I sold it and immediately regretted it. I was able to buy the car back about 4 months ago and it’s here to stay???

Love of Cars

The love of cars for me has been since childhood like most car guys. Always sitting back with envy until I was able to drive and create my own “life of cars”. It started out innocently enough back in my 20s when muscle cars weren’t “as Collectible” as they are now, but still fun to have, drive, and show off. They came and went, boy do I wish they stayed…1964 ½ Ford Mustang, brothers 1964 Ford Falcon, 1968 Pontiac Firebird, 1967 Chevrolet El Camino SS, and a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda.

Fast forward 25 years when I finally decided to relive my youth and get back into the car craze and off I went. The love of Fords came a few years later and the ultimate prize of the 1965 Shelby GT 350 was before me from a well respected classic car dealer I met a few years back. He told me he has the ultimate car that you will enjoy, show off, take to car shows, and not be afraid to do any of it and then introduced me to this 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback that was spared NO Expense and created to be a tribute to the one and only 1965 Shelby GT 350. This car is authentic on all the pieces used on the original all the way down to the motor spec, authentic wheels, steering wheel, dash pod, exhaust system, spare tire and more. And it was painted in the ONLY color ever available in 1965…Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue stripes. This car is an incredible driver, stands out anywhere it goes, sounds better than in looks, has won many car shows for years…even fooling die hard Shelby fans on its attention to detail. An amazing car that we enjoy and “not afraid” to have fun with and drive. Well, the story doesn’t end there…when I found out Ford is re-introducing a “real” 50 Year Anniversary Shelby GT 350 to the original legendary GT 350, I told myself I have to somehow get one, and wouldn’t it be cool if I can get it in the same original color as my ’65 tribute? So, I proceeded to put my name on every Ford dealership I can get a hold of and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, I got a call from my local dealer and they said “if you can be down here in 30 minutes you can order your car”! I was there in 15 minutes and although they (nor any other Ford dealer ) did not have any of the 2015 models (extremely limited production run), I was very happy to get my 2016 model (also very limited production run) ordered, optioned and put into production. My new GT 350 was delivered 2 months ago, is an incredible pure race car with the Trac Pack option, and looks stunning in white with blue stripes next to my 1965 tribute GT 350J

Complete 5 year Restoration

1959 Studebaker truck: This truck was bought in Santa Paula, CA., in 1959 at the Studebaker Car dealership on Main Street.  It was used on the Open Ridge Ranch by the R.J. McClintock family, purchased for his wife.  From the first day, she never liked the truck, she thought it was the ugliest thing ever, so most of its life was spent in the barn in many pieces.  Some years later, R.J. decided to find her something else, came home with a camper shell and told her it was the new station wagon.  This truck is a V-8, 3-speed with overdrive, 64,000 original miles and is driven every week!

1932 Ford Show Stopper

Having lived in Carpinteria for the past 50 years people wonder “what car Ray Seider is going to have next?!”.

Ray has owned well over 100 hot rods, muscle cars and collector vehicles. He is always ready to sell and move on to the next project. The latest car, a 1932 Ford Roadster was purchased this past year as an entirely new vehicle. The car was entirely dismantled by Joe Costa (Costa Autoworks) where the frame was powder coated black and the car reassembled. The engine was fitted with a high performance cam and Webber 8 pak carburetor system. Car has four wheel power disc brakes and is a show stopper wherever it goes!